Lee Richardson Zoo
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Giraffe Encounters



Juani, the reticulated giraffeThe Lee Richardson Zoo is now offering public giraffe feedings on Saturdays & Sundays throughout the summer.  From 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm, weather permitting and giraffes willing, guests will be able to purchase “keeper approved” food and experience a close encounter with the tallest land animal on the planet.  Our trained volunteers will bring you to a designated safe area where you can get up close and Boy feeding Juani, the giraffe.personal with Shingo and Juani, and witness all of the wonderful adaptations that these giants have developed for feeding.  You’ll be hooked as they tower above you and reach out to wrap their 18” long, prehensile tongue around your treat. 


Giraffe faceAnd in addition to having a unique fun family experience, you are supporting the care of all of animals at Lee Richardson Zoo as all proceeds help maintain our zoo as a world class accredited facility that is still free to walk through.


This is a very special opportunity as public feeding of all animals at the zoo is generally prohibited to protect the health of the collection.  All animals have specific nutritional requirements, and our keepers provide appropriate types and amounts of food for each animal.  Plants often contain natural toxins to defend themselves from animals, or may have been treated with chemicals, Girl feeding Juani the giraffe.which if ingested can cause serious illness and even death.  Please help us keep our animals healthy by feeding only zoo-provided food.  Head on down to the zoo this weekend and enjoy an encounter on the wild side.