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Goral Kid



Goral kid and dadLee Richardson Zoo happily announces the birth of a Chinese goral.  The morning of May 28th, keepers found the newborn and its mother in the barn.  This is the first goral born at the zoo in sixteen years.  The dark brown female offspring, who weighed in at 6 pounds, 4 ounces, was born earlier that morning, and was described as full of energy and curious by Keeper II, Jordan Piha.  This is the first kid for the sixteen-year old mother Mina (who was the last goral born at Lee Richardson Zoo) and four-year old father, Cliff. 


Goral kid and momMother and baby were temporarily separated from the group for a little extra bonding time and to allow keepers to monitor for proper care and nursing, but have since been reunited with the other gorals in their yard in Wild Asia.  Like other infants, the kid spends much of its time sleeping, but also darts and bounces around the exhibit quite well even though she is still figuring out her long legs and seems a bit wobbly when standing still. 


Goral kid getting first checkupChinese goral are considered vulnerable in the wild, with populations in decline primarily due to over-hunting.  They are now protected in most of the countries where they have been hunted.  Goral are known for their climbing ability and can generally be found in rocky terrain, using steep cliffs and mountain slopes as areas of safety from predators.  They typically live in small groups of up to 12 individuals.  Goral are evolutionarily between goats, sheep and true antelopes and are extremely sure-footed.