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Class Aves

Birds are an extremely diverse group of animals. The ability to fly helps to spread bird populations far and wide throughout the world.


All birds share these traits:

-Feathers covering the body

-Endothermic (a.k.a. warm-blooded)

-Scales on the feet

-Beak without teeth

-They lay hard shelled eggs


Bird Orders

Anseriformes: Ducks, geese, swans

Casuariiformes: Cassowaries, Emus

Ciconiiformes: Storks, herons, ibises

Columbiformes: Doves, pigeons

Coraciiformes: Kingfishers

Cuculiformes: Turaco, cuckoos

Falconiformes: Falcons, eagles, condors

Galliformes: Pheasants

Gruiformes: cranes, rails, coots

Passeriformes: Song Birds

Phoenicopteriformes: Flamingos

Piciformes: Toucans, woodpeckers

Psittaciformes: Parrots

Rheiformes: Rhea

Strigiformes: Owls


Go here for an alphabetic list of all of our birds.