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What's Gnu?



Giraffe Encounters are back!

Boy feeding Juani, the giraffe.The Lee Richardson Zoo is now offering public Giraffe Encounters on Saturdays & Sundays throughout the summer.  From 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm, weather permitting and giraffes willing, guests will be able to purchase “keeper approved” food and experience a close encounter with the tallest land animal on the planet.



Bactrian Camel Born

Bactrian camel calf

The “stork” made a special delivery to the Lee Richardson Zoo Friday, March 21st with the birth of a male Bactrian camel.  Described as quite rambunctious by keeper Pablo Holguin, the baby stands 4 ½ to 5 feet tall, and weighed in at 125 pounds.  This is the ninth calf for the eighteen-year old mother Mona and nineteen-year old father, Khan. 


Takin Arrive!

Two takin, Oliver and Louis

Two rare Sichuan takin (rhymes with rockin’) have joined our family at Lee Richardson Zoo.  Recently arrived from the San Diego Zoo, four year old Oliver and seven year old Louie have settled right in and are confounding the camels, who, like our visitors, are wondering what moved in next door.  


Cat Canyon is Here!

Cat Canyon Plan

Thanks to a strong base of community support the Cat Canyon exhibit project has finally began construction. Keep checking back to see an updated slideshow of the progress. 



Zoo loses beloved "Howdi"

Black rhino, Ahadi


Lee Richardson Zoo staff is mourning the loss of a beloved member of our animal collection.  Ahadi, a black rhinoceros, passed away late Tuesday after becoming ill on Saturday.  Nicknamed “Howdi” by his keepers, he arrived in Garden City from Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo in July 1990 and quickly became a favorite with both staff and visitors.   Howdi would have been 25 years old in May.