Lee Richardson Zoo
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What's Gnu?


Lion Cubs

Lion cubs nursing

The lion cubs are getting bigger and more mobile but they still need names. The five cubs were born May 17 at Lee Richardson Zoo.  The names for the cubs will be announced July 7.  You still have time to go to the zoo website or stop by the Finnup Center for Conservation Education or Safari Shoppe to help select the winning names from options chosen by zoo staff.




Addax Calf

Addax calfLee Richardson Zoo welcomed the first baby of the year on 5 January 2015 when a female addax calf was born.  The healthy fourteen pound baby was the first offspring born to Juno, who came from Rolling Hills Zoo in 2013 on a breeding recommendation from the Addax Species Survival Plan (SSP).  SSP’s are committees of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums which coordinate captive breeding efforts of rare and endangered species among accredited zoos, where captive populations serve as a hedge against extinction.  These cooperative programs involve zoos from around the globe, with the goal of maintaining healthy, genetically diverse captive populations.