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What's Gnu?


Red Panday Cubs Make Debut

Two red panda cubs made their public debut at the Lee Richardson Zoo on Thursday, November 5, venturing out into their sunny yard with their parents.  The female cubs, Fia and Enya, are four months old.  Over that time the cubs have been growing, learning to climb, and becoming more adventurous in their indoor den.  The door to the outside habitat has been open just waiting for the red pandas to be ready to expand their world by going outside.


Lion Cubs

Lion cubs nursing

The lion cubs are getting bigger and more mobile but they still need names. The five cubs were born May 17 at Lee Richardson Zoo.  The names for the cubs will be announced July 7.  You still have time to go to the zoo website or stop by the Finnup Center for Conservation Education or Safari Shoppe to help select the winning names from options chosen by zoo staff.