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Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle


Description:  This bird of prey has a brownish black body and white head and tail.  The bald eagle isn't really bald; he is “balde”--an old English word for white headed.  Its bill, iris, legs and feet are yellow.  The legs are feathered halfway down.  Young have a dusky head and tail, dark bill, gray or brownish body with white in the wing linings and on the breast.  Adult plumage appears in the 4th or 5th year.  The adult body measures 30” to 43” long, wingspan 6½ to 8 feet and weight 8 to14 pounds and, as with most raptors, the females are larger.  The Bald eagle’s eyesight is 4-8 times sharper than humans and its eyes have sub-orbital ridges for protection while catching and handling prey.
Wild Range:  North America.                            


Habitat:  Coastal bays, lakes, rivers and open areas.



Diet in WildThese are diurnal carnivores.  Fond of carrion, they also eat fish and waterfowl.   Fish are their primary food source.  They have also been known to steal prey from other birds of prey.




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