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These materials are available for loan to educators.

To reserve materials contact the Education Division at (620) 276-1250 or zoo.education@gardencityks.us.  Two or more weeks notice is preferred, but short-term requests will be considered if materials are available.  Items may be checked out for up to two weeks.


Discovery Boxes:

Each discovery box contains supporting literature, activities, and pictures along with biofacts associated with that topic. An abbreviated content list of each box is noted below:


- frog skeleton and metamorphosis display plastomounts, frog costume


 Animal Tracks 
- rubber replicas of North American animal tracks, activity guide, Field Guide to Tracks.  For stamping or making impressions for plaster casts.


- wallaby and kangaroo skulls and fur, emu egg and feather, preserved joeys


- bat skulls, video, felt bat cutout, bat costume, information and activities from Bat Conservation Intl.


- includes skull, claw, pictures, and a variety of activities appropriate for, but not limited to grades 2-6


 Birds I 
- life size felt silhouette of a California condor, eggs, feathers, skulls, and pictures


 Bird of Prey 
- owl skulls, feathers, pictures, and owl pellet


- full size bison pelt


 Black-footed Ferret 
- pelt, skulls of a Black-footed ferret and prairie dog, includes information about native habitat and US Fish & Wildlife Service efforts to breed them.


 Camouflage / Adaptations 
-  pelts, skulls, feathers and horns demonstrating animal adaptations; activities for K – 6 including a food chain game.


 Cats - skulls, pelts, whiskers, claw sheaths; info on Species Survival Plans (SSP) and endangered species.


- shed elephant teeth, tusk pieces, hair, rhino hide


 Endangered Species 
- wolf pelt and skull, California condor felt cutout.   


- skull, hair, bone, hide and food samples


– sponge, sea shells, scorpion, and assorted other preserved invertebrates  


- whole pelts or pieces from Kansas mammals; a variety of horns, antlers, skulls, and bones


- skull, pelt and plaster cast of paw print


- Nature Education Kits: TwigsLeavesSeeds, “Fandex” guide with die cut leaves, bark patterns, nut or seed, tree photo and information for 50 trees and activities for K-6.


– siamang skull, pygmy marmoset skull, full size casts of Gibbon & Orangutan hands, gloves without thumbs


 Rain Forest 1 
- extensive sampling of rain forest products


 Rain Forest 2 
- an entire notebook full of great activities for all grade levels, pictures, books, masters for handouts, and samples from a “rain forest” grocery store.


- examples of product containers that can be recycled in Garden City.  Local and other recycling info.  Call the Recycle Coordinator at 276 –1260 for more local information.


- turtle shells, snake skeleton, snake skins



Card and board games 
- a variety of topics which relate to animals, ask for a list of available games

Math Bags 
- relate mathematics to the animal world with activities, K – 4th; there are seven themes which offer activities about size, shape relationships and speed