Lee Richardson Zoo
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Education Volunteers-Docents


What does a Docent Do?

Docents are trained volunteers who assist in the zoo's education division. These dedicated individuals come from diverse backgrounds and volunteer their time to help the zoo's Education Division spread its message of conservation and wildlife appreciation. Docents share a love of animals and nature, and a desire to promote the Lee Richardson Zoo. 

The function of the Docent program is education. Docents give animal programs to schools, scouts, service organizations, senior citizens, youth groups and others. Docents also assist with Earth Day festivities, and discovery carts (featuring interesting animal biofacts) on the zoo grounds.

The Lee Richardson Zoo Docents are excited to share the zoo and their love of animals with visitors of all ages. 

Here at the zoo, we believe that introducing children to animals and the environment at an early age will promote a lifetime of caring for both. Our active, dynamic organization invites you to bring your enthusiasm and JOIN US! 

Our training classes provide you with the basics of tour and program techniques, conservation and animal information, zoo history and more. All you need to provide is your time and enthusiasm to learn and share your knowledge with others. Training takes place annually.

The Zoo needs you! Won't you join us? For more detailed information about docenting at the zoo, call us at (620) 276-1250 or e-mail zoo.education@gardencityks.us .